Wallderinska Luxury Sportswear was born out of personal needs. When founder and head designer Marie Wallderin wasn't able to find smart, high-performance sportswear that would also be stylish and sophisticated  enough to stroll around in, she and her husband John founded Wallderinska sportswear, a luxury brand that blures the line between sports and fashion with an luxe attitude on top. Perfect for high performans training, travel, low inpact activity, pre and post work out and for luxuriouse lounging on the weekends.

Wallderinska Luxury Sportswear collections are using high performance fabrics and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to create styles that ar as chic as everything else in your closet. Our advanced styles will inhance the beauty in the female body lines using a 360 degree stretch fabric that will allow you to move free and without any limits. And at the same time lift and support your body.

Our clothing are so comfy that you never wanna take them off. We always use the very best details and our logo is an exclusive creation of the letter W.

Wallderinska Luxury Sportswear is designed for women who care as much about style as they do about there career. Training is a key part in their fast-paced lifestyles and they don't want to be short-changed on either fashion or performance when it comes to exercise. They want luxurious, versatile active wear that blends in with their everyday lives, looking stunning before, during and after sport.

Wrap yourself in pure Swedish luxury ......

About Wallderin family:

We are a family of 4, Marie, John and our 2 children. We live in Saltsjö-Boo in Sweden/Stockholm and partly in Norrköping. The family is an important part of our lives that we greatly appreciate, we met late in life compared to most others in our circle of friends and appreciate the feeling of having found "home" to each other. We got engaged on June 16 2015, and got married in Sicily at June-2016. It was a three-day wedding with 50 of our closest friends and family. The magazine Lifestyle Wedding made a 6-page article about our wedding entitled: "Wedding with a view".

We are delighted with our children's progress and successes of others. We love when things go well for other people for real and you will not find Swedish envy with us. We hope we can inspire others to dare to win.

Marie: With many years of experience in training and fashion with a unique detail vision Marie is head of for design and marketing of the company. To achieve the vision of the client's sense of exclusivity and prosperous done by well-chosen activities, events and experiences.

John: Entrepreneur with experience of driving up companies from scratch to become successful organizations that creates conditions for individual development and performance. John works with strategic issues and brand-building.


Live the life you love ....